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Spokane and Vicintiy
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SoccerTots Spokane
Corporate Address

416 N Madelia
Spokane, WA 99202

Phone: 509-534-5437
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Thornton Murphy Park - September SamplerMULTISPORT
Audobon Park - September Sampler- MULTISPORT
Franklin Park - September Sampler MULTISPORT
Valley Mission Park-September Sampler-MULTISPORT
Edgecliff Park -September SamplerMULTISPORT
Lil Sluggers

Our Instructors

Dustin Anderson

I am married and have 1 daughter. I love sports, my favorites are soccer and hockey.

Samantha Anderson

Danielle Beltrame

Shereen Brewster

Loves her dogs "Happie" and "Surri" and her cat "Jake". My favorite place to be is in the mountains with my two beautiful Vizsla's. My second favorite place to be is in front of a class of 8 3 yr olds and making them ALL smile!

Zachary Brown

Michael Machurro

Michaela Marinos

Suzanne Riesberg

I am the type of person who loves adventure. I enjoy trying new things. I was in the US Navy for six years on active duty. In the military, I was an Aviation Electrician. I am currently going to school to be an Electrical Engineer.

Denea Vandam

Mario Williams

Spokane Director. Has worked for the company for 10 years. Enjoys working with children.

Fiona Zweisler